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Simple Weight Loss Plan

Simple Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated! Some programs make weight loss more difficult than it has to be by requiring clients to count and track calories, or even worse, points that have been assigned to each food. This makes weight loss quite a time commitment – time is spent planning meals, looking up point values, calculating points for recipes and tracking everything you eat every day.

Not with Medifast! Unlike other programs Medifast doesn’t require that you track your meals or calories. All you need to do is eat the delicious and convenient Medifast meal replacement products at their scheduled time, and then prepare and eat one Lean & Green meal each day. Your Lean & Green meal can be eaten at home, or at a restaurant – it’s up to you and your lifestyle!

Medifast Products and Programs are designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely, with clinically proven meal replacements and simple weight loss plans designed just for you with your specific needs and busy lifestyle in mind.

Plus, with over 70 different delicious Medifast Meals available, you’ll never be bored! From delicious Chocolate Brownies or Berry Cereal, to savory Mashed Potatoes or Ziti Marinara, the Medifast meal replacements are delicious and crafted for your weight loss success. Yummy shakes and bars are available for those on-the-go moments, making this plan so easy to stick to. The Medifast meals replacements fuel your body with the proper nutrition all day to help you lose weight, fight hunger and maintain energy.

Even better, the Medifast Centers program uses the power of scientifically formulated, fat-burning, healthy nutrition, not rigorous exercise routines, to help you achieve your weight loss goal. The Medifast Centers program allows you to focus on your daily eating habits with the option of incorporating light to moderate exercise, but only if you wish. That means no more hours spent at the gym, or needing to schedule time to exercise, making the program even easier to fit into your busy lifestyle.

In addition to our simple weight loss plan, you’ll have personalized support from one of our specially trained Certified Weight Loss Counselors. They will be there to provide support and accountability throughout the entire process, from your first day through the maintenance program that lasts up to a year after the initial weight loss.

This powerful combination of the Medifast nutrition plan and your one-on-one support will help you lose the weight faster and more efficiently than you ever thought was possible. During your first visit, we will provide you with a timeline that will outline all of the weight loss milestones you can expect on your journey.

You’ll continue on this plan until you reach your goal weight, at which time, you’ll transition to our weight maintenance program, specially designed to help you keep the weight off.

If you’re ready for an easy to follow weight loss plan and one that fits into your busy lifestyle, give Medifast a call to learn more about their programs and how they can help you finally lose the weight for good!

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