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Why Medifast?

Why Medifast?

In today’s world of quick fixes and magic pills, it’s important to find a weight loss program that is not only effective in the long-term, but is also safe for you to use. An easy to follow weight loss plan, the Medifast Centers Program marries the science of fat burning nutrition with individualized one-on-one support for sustainable and long-term weight loss.

Medifast Weight Loss Products and Programs are specially designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely with clinically proven meal replacements and simple weight loss plans designed just for you with your specific needs and busy lifestyle in mind. There are many different factors that go into how to choose a diet. Learn more about why Medifast Products and Programs could help you lose weight

It’s Motivating

Medifast Weight LossThe combination of the Medifast nutrition plan and your one-on-one support will help you lose the weight faster than you ever thought possible. Fast results will help keep you motivated to continue the program.

It’s Satisfying

With over 70 meal options, there’s something that everyone can enjoy! From delicious Chocolate Brownies or Berry Cereal, to savory Mashed Potatoes or Ziti Marinara, the Medifast meal replacements are delicious and crafted for your weight loss success.

It’s Simple

No counting calories or adding up points. Simply eat your scheduled Medifast meal replacements throughout the day along with your Lean & Green meal. The Medifast program fuels your body with the proper nutrition all day to help you lose weight, fight hunger and maintain energy.

It’s Safe

There are no gimmicks, no pills, no shots and no unsupported claims. The Medifast Program has been clinically proven safe and effective by researchers from major university teaching hospitals.

It’s Long-term

Once you’ve lost the weight, Medifast will continue to guide and support you through your transition to maintaining your weight loss. You’ll work with your Certified Weight Control Counselor, who will help you learn to prepare healthy meals and start eating regular foods again.

It’s Supported

You’ll work with your very own Certified Weight Control Counselor. They are here to guide, problem solve and encourage you every step of the journey! Counselors build strong relationships with their clients and are trained to help clients lose weight by offering structure, accountability and compassion.

It’s Affordable

At an affordable average weekly program cost, Medifast Centers offers unbeatable value. You probably won’t spend any more on Medifast meals than you would spend on groceries.

It’s for Everyone

Why Medifast?Whether you have a special diet or nutritional needs, Medifast can help you lose weight. Your Certified Weight Control Counselor can help you with your food choices, and connect you with a nutritionist if you need further assistance. There are Medifast meal replacements for vegetarians and vegans as well.

If you’re ready to lose weight and have asked yourself, “Should I do Medifast?”, you should give us a call to learn more about our clinically safe and effective program and how it can help you lose weight. With multiple locations, there is a convenient Medifast Weight Loss center near you!