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The Science Behind Medifast

Author: Medifast California

March 06, 2017

The Science Behind Medifast

Author: Medifast California

March 06, 2017

There are countless weight loss programs available on the market today. Each one promises effective results that are safe, fast and easy. But how many of them can prove it with actual science? Medifast is one of the few programs that can actually prove that it’s an effective weight loss tool that is safe for individuals.


Medifast was created by doctors for doctors, and since 1980, Medifast Products have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors. It’s hard to beat those kinds of numbers: Medifast is in it for the long haul to deliver quality weight loss programs and resources.

Clinically Proven to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan can help you lose weight and later maintain your goal weight. Your body will quickly shift into a mild fat-burning state so that you can lose weight without losing muscle tissue.


The Jumpstart 5 & 1 pan combines the science of weight loss with one-on-one support with patients for long term but sustainable weight loss. The Program gets its 5 & 1 name from the plan itself: You’ll eat a Medifast meal every 2-3 hours (i.e., 5 per day) that is lean with protein and non-starch vegetables, followed by a Lean & Green meal that is designed to fit in your schedule, no matter where or what time.

Better Results Through Medifast

In a Nutrition Journal study taken on Medifast, subjects who participated enjoyed a weight loss of 12.3% their bodyweight on average compared to the other group’s 6.9%. Subjects who participated not only saw weight loss as part of their Medifast challenge, but also showed positive changes in body composition.


The control group was using a conventional food-based plan, while individuals of the Medifast group were using Medifast Programs to accelerate their weight loss.


In another medically supervised test, a protein-sparing modified fast conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, participants got to enjoy a large amount of weight being lost. Males saw on average a loss of 67 pounds and females saw 47 pounds lost. Not only were subjects on average losing an incredible amount of weight, but it was discovered that their health in general had improved. The results from the tests were showing reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as other medical conditions that provide complications in their health or daily life.

The Longer You Participate, the Greater the Results

A study was taken to test the efficacy of the standard American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet (self-diet, or SD) against a portion-controlled counterpart diet (diabetic food diet, PCD) within obese patients. The study discovered that there were much more significant results when participants stuck with the programs after the initial 34 weeks of weight loss in the PCD group. The PCD group noticed other improvements in certain health areas, such as:


  • Pounds
  • Percent Weight Loss
  • Insulin Level
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • BMI
  • Systolic BP
  • Diastolic BP
  • Waist and Hip Measurements
  • Cholesterol
  • HDL Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Percent Body Fat


Individuals in the PCD group even also a decrease in the amount of medication used to treat Type 2 Diabetes.

Meal Replacement Plans Might Be the Key for You

It’s been shown that the Medifast meal replacement plan, when coupled with the support and accountability through Medifast Weight Control Centers of California, is highly effective at promoting substantial weight loss and improvements to body composition. While the standard diet can be effective for some, you might see more reliable results with a meal replacement plan instead.


Contact us today at Medifast Weight Control Centers of California to learn more about weight loss or to learn which Medifast Program is right for you. Our team is friendly and dedicated to helping you on your weight loss journey. Don’t delay any longer and get started today!

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Medifast California
The team at Medifast California
The team at Medifast California is committed to practicing what they preach. Experts in nutrition, health, counseling and exercise, they have the experience and tools to offer the support you need when you need it!

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