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Medifast California
Medifast California Weight Control Centers  
 66 reviews
Sue D. - Poway, CA

I’ve been on Medifast for 4 months now and have lost 41 pounds. I thought I would never see the day again in losing weight being under so much stress in my life. I don’t know about you but I need to be accountable in checking in with someone once a week to help me stay focused and straight in my eating habits. The counselors are very professional, courteous and welling to give you suggestions how to make things work for your life style. My stress level is still the same but I sure do feel a lot better about myself and a lot healthier.

Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a fatty liver which if I didn’t lose weight I would have to start taking some heavy medication which I really didn’t want to do. Therefore, I asked myself, “self” you better get your act together and do something serious about your health. Needless to say, I had a complete physical last month and I do not have a fatty liver anymore. Hallelujah!!! He was very, very pleased I had started Medifast and was proud I was doing so well with the program.

Hey, check Medifast out… what do you have to lose! Just your weight!!! Good Luck… it works!

Socorrito G. - La Mesa, CA

I am so in love with Medifast. I never thought that there really could be something out their to help me lose weight until I started Medifast. When I started Medifast it was because I have seen success from fellow co-workers and when I saw my scale it was a sign that this was something that I needed to do and I have not regretted it since. When I started I weight 200 pounds and originally I thought I only needed to lose 50 pounds. When they did my first body scan it was saying that I need to lose 69 pounds and I will have it lost by the end of the year. At first in my head I thought they were crazy but as of today I've lost 57 pounds. I feel amazing and my counselor Tiffany Cooper is the best! Every week I go in and meet with Tiffany and when I do it is just like going to visit a friend and she really cares about the clients that she deal with. Every week Tiffany has something wonderful to say to help me stay on track. I also really like the fact that they do body scans every month and measurements. I know that we always put our bodies through a lot when we try to lose wight and with the body scan it really does help you stay on track and if Tiffany sees that something needs to be adjusted she will tell me what I need to do. Tiffany has been a great motivator and she really knows how to motivate me more so I can meet my goal. So far with what I have lost I feel sexier and I feel like I have a lot more confident in myself knowing that I look good. I use to be afraid of the scale but now I look at the scale as my friend. Thank you Tiffany and Medifast for helping me bring my sexy back. 🙂

Kevin L. - El Cajon, CA

I’ve been going to Medifast in Mission Valley for about 3 months. I’ve lost 35 lbs. and have 35 more to go. I’ve tried many other “diets” but nothing has worked like this one–the reason is the counselors. Mine is Sam–he’s great. I’ve always had the same counselor, you don’t get bumped from person to person. The counselors not only provide support and cheerleading, but the explain what’s going on in your body. They tweak the diet too–for instance we’ve been adding certain amounts of extra protein to my diet daily. Even structured “cheat” days. But they tell you how to cheat, what to do if you do cheat, how to limit the damage, etc. Let’s be honest, nobody eats perfect for months at a time! Anyway, it is do-able. The food is good (mostly). All the bars are good, cookie and brownie bakes are good, soups too. I think the pudding is gross, but whatever, you’re not going to like everything. I’ve been offered samples when considering a new food. It’s expensive, but so is Carl’s Jr. for lunch every day! It works. Go lose some weight!

Pam G. - Rancho Cordova, CA

I have tried many diets over the years but for the first time have had awesome success! Thanks to my supportive counselor, Jenna, I am only a few pounds from my goal of 30 lbs. lost. She has been an amazing support on my journey and keeps me motivation. It has been a very positive experience and It is because all the staff members are kind, encouraging, and make you feel important. Their knowledge of the program and tips for success are what help me stay on track. The Medifast products and eating small meals frequently have changed my metabolism to work more efficiently. I would recommend this Medifast Center and product to anyone desiring to lose weight a safe and healthy way.

Dale T. - Murrieta, CA

I have lost almost 35 lbs in six weeks. this program is phenomenal. The people who say that all diet foods taste like cardboard need to try Medifast. Not only is it a program that works but the food tastes great. The employees there really care about you as a person. You're not just a number but a person who is given  A+ treatment. I admit I went in skeptical with more questions than they usually hear from clients, but once I started the program it was great. I feel so strong about this program I'm trying to get it implemented in my place of business. Once you meet theteam at the office they will make you feel at ease in an area most people don't like to talk about... weight.All I can say, is that at least if you want to look and feel your best, I believe this will work for anyone who is serious about losing weight.


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