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Put Down the Phone, Drop the Weight

Author: Medifast California

January 27, 2015

Put Down the Phone, Drop the Weight

Author: Medifast California

January 27, 2015

Whether you are ready for it or not, we live in a mobile world. With one click you can share an entire wedding album, book a vacation or read the latest news as it unfolds.

The way we communicate has migrated to our mobile devices. More than 40 percent of Americans prefer to socialize online, forcing the weight-loss industry to come up with new solutions for old problems. From wearable technology to apps and telephone conferencing, there is always a new way to drop those unwanted pounds and get healthy.

Most new products and plans offer convenience but provide minimal personalized support. Studies have shown that self-motivated weight loss, the catalyst behind apps and telephone coaching, is usually unsuccessful.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study indicating that individuals who experience the most weight-loss success received one-on-one, in-person tailored support. Weight loss and weight maintenance is more successful with a skilled accountability partner who can offer expert advice.

While some weight-loss programs offer online, phone and email coaching, they neglect the value of the face-to-face expertise this partner can provide. The Medifast Weight Control Centers program understands that losing pounds and keeping them off goes hand-in-hand with the support of a trained weight-loss professional.

As Sherry Turkle, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “We have scarified real conversation for mere connection.” That is, technology has resulted in shallower relationships.

In-person communication at a Medifast Center fosters a connection between an individual and their counselor, making them more likely to adhere to their counselor’s advice and diet recommendations.

Additionally, group meetings tend to be uncomfortable and online and phone counseling impersonal. At a Medifast Center, your counselor, who is trained to adapt your program to help you successfully combat the stressors of everyday life while motivating you when you are feeling defeated, gets to know you.

Counselors are experts in helping people lose weight. They have degrees in a broad range of related fields, including nutrition, exercise physiology, kinesiology and counseling. Furthermore, each completes specialized weight-loss training that make them well-equipped to answer questions and provide guidance based on nutritional and behavioral science, not fad.

The relationship building, interaction and nonverbal modes of communication associated with a counseling-based program may seem like something that can be replaced by a text reminder or a weekly phone call, but they have large effects on an individual’s rate and sustained weight loss.

The depth of interactions that occur face-to-face can motivate and inspire, making the transformative journey a pleasant one. It is this deep-rooted bond between Medifast counselor and client that enables long-term healthy success.

The Medifast Centers program focuses on helping clients lose the weight and keep it off, emphasizing change in habit and goal-setting that will lead to permanent change. A counselor’s help through the 12-month maintenance program will take individuals through holidays, vacations and all of life’s events, including something as simple as a night out with friends.

While Medifast Center counselors are always available by phone and emails, it is the success one achieves with in-person support that proves that sometimes you just have to put the phone down.

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Medifast California
The team at Medifast California
The team at Medifast California is committed to practicing what they preach. Experts in nutrition, health, counseling and exercise, they have the experience and tools to offer the support you need when you need it!

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