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The Options are Endless

You have more than 70 Medifast meals to choose from! Enjoy pancakes, cereals, soups, chili, mashed potatoes, cheese puffs, brownies and more.

All Medifast foods are low in fat and have a similar nutritional footprint, so you can choose the meals you want and get the same nutritional value and fat burning effect.

There are gluten-free options and options to fit your special dietary needs.

Every Medifast meal is portion controlled and fortified with doctor recommended nutrients.

Fat Burning Formulation

Compared to other meal replacements, Medifast meals are uniquely and scientifically formulated to burn fat, not muscle. Each meal is designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied and keep your engine running smoothly. That means you get the fast, healthy results that keep you motivated.

Controlled Cravings

The balance of fiber and protein in Medifast meals helps you feel full and satisfied. And because you’re eating something every two to three hours, it’s easier to resist the foods and eating patterns that stand between you and your weight loss goals.

Safe, Sustainable Protein

Medifast meals are rich in protein, contain various options to fit your individual preferences-from whey, soy, pea, egg protein and more. Soy has been proven to be a highly effective source of lean protein that fuels fat burning, builds muscle and offers a range of additional health benefits.

Maintain Your Weight Loss with Thrive by MedifastTM

Thrive by MedifastTM delicious, healthy fuelings are designed to help you maintain your weight while providing the nutrition your body needs for a healthy life. They are portable and convenient, like the Medifast meal replacements, but they have new and exciting flavors and unique health benefits. High in protein and fiber, they’re sure keep you satisfied and fueled throughout the day.

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