Overview of Latest Medical Spa Services in New York City

While New York City as a major fashion and entertainment capital has always had significant spa services offerings, they were previously limited to traditional spa treatments like facials, massage and waxing. Today however, medical spa services, which combine cosmetic medicine procedures with the experience of an aesthetic day spa, are increasingly accessible and popular. The latest medical spa services include laser hair removal, veins removal, wrinkles treatment, chemical peels and more are all the rage, and New York City certainly has no shortage of these medical spa services.

In fact, the availability of medical spa services is so well recognized and sought after that major New York City publications regularly rank the best of the best in terms of quality and variety of medical spa services, prices, customer environment and overall experience.

Increasingly New York City's medical spa services are combining both medical and non-medical treatments at the same facility, so that you can get quick, popular medical spa services like Botox or collagen in the same set of appointments as your usual manicure or pedicure. Centers specializing in medical spa services for cosmetic dentistry, such as tooth whitening, are also springing up.

Medical spas are defined as such, not just because they offer treatments that are medical in nature, but because a doctor is on-site to supervise and administer services as appropriate. This allows for the highest standard of care in aesthetic procedures, which while increasingly commonplace can carry some risks. It also allows you to get medical input into what medical spa services will give you the results you're looking for in smoother, younger, firmer and healthier skin.

Medical spa services generally require some recovery time, but of course allow you to go home promptly after treatment. However, injectibles, microdermabrasion and chemical and fruit acid peels can all result in temporary redness, swelling and tenderness, so it's important to remember that these spa treatments should be done appropriately in advance of a special occasion and scheduled so that you can go home and relax as you wait for their amazing results to take effect.

While much of the emphasis on medical spa services is on the face, medical spa services in New York City address the whole body. One of the most popular medical spa services is laser hair removal as a more effective, long-term and less painful alternative to waxing or electrolysis or hair removal on any part of the body. Laser hair removal treatment requires a series of appointments (usually six, but it can vary) to reach the full level of efficacy.

Other body treatments available at New York City medical spas include non-surgical cellulite reduction treatments such as Velashape. These non-surgical cellulite reduction procedures generally utilize massage as well as heat, radio waves and massage to break up cellulite and improve the appearance of areas affected by it. Like many medical spa services, some discomfort is common but recovery is easy.

Other medical spa services available in New York City include focus on other common problems that can cause discomfort both aesthetic and physical such as spider and varicose veins, podiatry concerns and even treatments for excess sweating. Additionally, many of New York City's medical spas offer products for take-home use that maintain or continue the work done in the medical spa setting.

While spa services in general were once considered largely the domain of women, medical spa services are targeted to and used by both genders. Many medical spas offer couples treatment services or specifically target the needs of one gender or the other. Without a doubt, if you are interested in medical spa services, New York City has offerings that will address your particular needs.