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What is the Medifast Diet? And How is it Different?

Author: Medifast California

November 05, 2014

What is the Medifast Diet? And How is it Different?

Author: Medifast California

November 05, 2014

Popular diets come and go. Every year flashy names, glossy endorsements and extreme meal plans briefly capture the public’s attention before fading back into obscurity. Fad weight loss plans are often untested and bring fleeting success, leaving many of those who try them feeling disappointed and discouraged. Medifast is not one of these fads; the program has been proven safe and effective in multiple studies conducted at major university teaching hospitals, including John Hopkins University.

Medifast was founded in 1980 and has enjoyed increasing popularity among people eager to lose weight in a quick, effective and healthy way. With so many weight loss plans, programs and products on the market, Medifast has delivered on the premise of sustainable and realistic weight loss for decades. Having been tried by over a million people and recommended by more than 20,000 doctors, its longevity in the industry speaks to its effectiveness.

The Medifast plan’s emphasis on meal replacement food items, calorie and fat control, and nutritional goal outlining are all supported by the Medifast Weight Control Center Program – offering one-on-one counseling to ensure a person’s weigh loss journey is a success.

The Medifast Meal Plan is Simple and Safe.  The Medifast Jump Start 5 & 1 Plan consists of 5 pre-portioned and portable Medifast meals that can be easily consumed during even the busiest of days. There is no counting of calories, points or carbs and there are over 70 tasty, portion controlled, Medifast meals to enjoy.  From savory to sweet meal options include peanut butter crunch bars, macaroni and cheese, brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, popcorn, chili and more.

The plan also includes 1 Lean & Green Meal every day, making the Medifast program easily adaptable to your lifestyle. You can still enjoy lunch or dinner with friends, family and colleagues either out at a restaurant or in the comfort of your own home. This Lean & Green Meal consists of 5-7 oz. of lean protein to help satisfy hunger cravings and rebuild muscle mass. Examples of several of these meals are available on the Medifast California blog.  Divided up into three main categories – leanest, leaner and lean, the list of acceptable proteins is quite extensive. This coupled with the fact that you are allowed to eat every 2-3 hours, ensures that participants never feel hungry or deprived.

Your Medifast Journey is Supported. The most important success factor in the Medifast Weight Control Center Program is the personalized support. There are eight Medifast California centers across the San Diego region that can help you stay on track, lose weight and meet and exceed your health goals.

Emphasizing the cooperative aspect of weight loss is a huge contributor to keeping you committed to the Medifast Program and having to be accountable to a counselor helps during those times of weakness. Extensive resources are also available through the Medifast California website, including quick reference guides, dining out tool kits and convenient lists of acceptable foods and condiments. The goal is to arm you with all of the tools necessary to make good, informed decisions about your health and wellness, and help you keep the weight off for good!

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Medifast California
The team at Medifast California
The team at Medifast California is committed to practicing what they preach. Experts in nutrition, health, counseling and exercise, they have the experience and tools to offer the support you need when you need it!

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