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Maintain & Thrive for Weight Loss Success

Author: Medifast California

July 01, 2015

Maintain & Thrive for Weight Loss Success

Author: Medifast California

July 01, 2015



You have heard the mantra over and over: “it isn’t a change of diet, it is a change of lifestyle.” You know that crash diets don’t work, fad diets don’t last, and you simply can’t stick to a restrictive cleanse. To get real results, you will have to change more than what you eat for a couple of weeks. Real success is a much harder battle, but also much longer lasting!

So how do you achieve the dieter’s ultimate goal of maintaining steady weight loss, or even maintaining your goal weight? Read through our tips below to help you keep consistent with your weight loss goals, and do far more than just survive, but thrive!

  • Sleep More – You have heard this more times than you can count: good sleep helps to enable weight loss, decreases anxiety, and leads to a happier, healthier life. Just because getting more sleep is a great idea doesn’t mean you will suddenly have more time in your day in which you can schedule sleep. In fact, knowing that your precious few hours of sleep every night are hurting your weight loss just causes you more anxiety and stress, which hurts your weight loss, which stresses you out, and the vicious cycle continues!

Most likely you can’t suddenly go to bed several hours earlier. Your day is packed because you are busy! Start small. Setting a bedtime goal is a good start. Look at the time you normally got to bed and then the time you would like to go to bed. Every night, try to get these two times closer together. Even just 10 minutes earlier is helpful. If you backslide and stay up way too late, don’t worry – just start again tomorrow.

  • Track Your Food – You know you should do it, but you always seem to avoid writing down what you are actually eating every day. Most diets or “healthy life overhauls” start with diligent food tracking, measuring, and brutal honesty about the total calories consumed. Over time, as the glow of invigoration tends to dim, most individuals get a little more relaxed about knowing exactly what they are eating. A little bit here, a quick snack there, a mid-afternoon latte – it is devastating how quickly these little indulgences can add up and derail your weight loss goals. As much as you may try to avoid it, you have to track your food if you want long term, lifelong success.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to track your food. There are countless apps, websites, and even wearable devices that are all intended to help keep you on the “straight and narrow.” Apps like MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Fooducate, My Diet Diary, and SparkPeople are all great options. MyFitnessPal owns the market in “calorie tracker apps,” consistently ranking on the top of the “best app” lists. Give tracking a try – it is easier and more liberating than you may think!

  • Invite a Friend – Having a support system is crucial to achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss. Research has found that those who lose a significant amount of weight often regain this weight within two to three years. Decreasing metabolism can make maintaining weight loss difficult, but lacking social support is much more detrimental. The National Weight Control Registry conducted a study that found that individuals who attended a weight loss support group twice a month maintained their entire weight loss, while those who did not attend a support group gained back almost half of their weight.

The take away – don’t go it alone! Maybe attending weekly meetings doesn’t fit into your busy life. Instead try joining an online community, a neighborhood group, or even create a challenge with family members or friends. Keep it fun and light, but remember that the added accountability will help to keep you on track and your goals within your grasp.

Use these tips to help you thrive in your healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to suffer through a diet – simply waiting for it to end. This philosophy will never generate the long-term results you want. Instead, use these tips to help make a lifestyle change; a change that you will never regret!

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