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Love Run 5K San Diego Race Preview

Author: Medifast California

July 13, 2015

Love Run 5K San Diego Race Preview

Author: Medifast California

July 13, 2015



One of the finest ways to spend a warm and breezy summer morning is going sightseeing. If you are on a weight loss journey and are looking for ways to connect some fun exercise with your diet regimen, running foot races is an excellent way to do just that. Not only do you help to kick start your weight loss program with training for things like 5Ks and more, but also you get to engage in the joy of participating in a tangible event to celebrate your journey toward better health and fitness. Warning: participation in such events has been known to cause high levels of self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment.

The Race

On July 26, 2015, all those who not only love running but also the city of San Diego, California, will join together and participate in the first annual San Diego Love Run 5K as part of the Healthy Strides Series. The 5K will feature the scenic Embarcadero Marina Park North. At the marina, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful San Diego Bay, Downtown San Diego, the yacht clubs, and Seaport Village. The event, which is for not only couples and lovers – but singles as well, is great for the novice runner.

For runners that are looking for a chance to see the city of San Diego, this event provides an excellent opportunity to see the sights of the Embarcadero Marina Park North. Participants run around a track of 3.1 miles with very little overlap – giving them, and their cheering sections, the ability to experience the vistas in a new and unique way while running with other participants on a beautiful summer morning.

The Perks

For those participants who are running the race for more than just the awe-inspiring sense of accomplishment, the race provides entrants with a number of rewards. The most sought after of incentives is the Love Run 5K finisher medal. The finisher medal gives all those that are able to finish the grueling task of running a 5k with a medal to show off to their family and friends and to provide them with a souvenir of their accomplishment. In addition to the finisher medal, the Love Run 5K gives all participants the chance to win some amazing prizes, including a date with your special someone.

For those participants that came for the love, there are a number of ways to embrace the spirit of the day. The race allows individuals to compete in either the couples, singles, or “lovers of running” divisions. For couples, there are contests for fastest couple, oldest couple, and newest couple. However, for the single runner there are a number of opportunities presented to help you meet other single runners. Organizers of the Love Run 5k provide single racers with the opportunity to meet and fall in love with another single running enthusiast with help from the staff and volunteers.

The organizers of the Love Run 5k did not forget their core audience – those that come for the running; as the event offers a highly competitive running challenge and unique course offerings. Additionally, runners are able to get an accurate picture of their top running speed due to the race offering each runner the ability to time their run through chip timing. Offered at only the most sophisticated of races, chip timing gives some of the most accurate course timings available. This gives runners the ability to see how much they have improved since their last pacing day.

Overall, the event is slated to be an excellent opportunity for runners of all ages and relationship statuses to do something fun and unique on the morning of July 26, 2015. Considering all of the extras that the race provides to its runners – everyone who participates, whether spectator or athlete, should have a wonderful time. And, with a registration fee under $50, there is no excuse not to register for this event. Sign up today!

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