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Our Certified Counselors are Here to Give You One-on-One Support

The program is unique because it will help you achieve your weight and health goals while providing the tools to assist you in developing healthy lifelong habits.

Receive personalized support and one-on-one counseling from your Certified Counselor who will keep you motivated, on track and successful.

With a variety of backgrounds, you can trust that your counselor has the knowledge and experience to guide your success during both weight loss and sustained weight maintenance.

Most of our counselors have degrees in nutrition or related fields, such as kinesiology, nursing or general healthcare and will tailor a program to fit you and your lifestyle.

Here's an idea of what you can expect during your weekly 15-20 minute appointment:

Testing for ketosis, the mild fat burning state.

Routine weigh-in.

Body composition analysis (performed every 4 weeks). Your counselor will explain the positive changes taking place in your body.

Gain even more motivation watching your body fat mass decrease while maintaining lean muscle.

Monitoring of your blood pressure and vitals.

Working together through any struggles and/or roadblocks and brainstorming solutions to achieve rapid weight loss.

And of course, celebrating your successes!

The InBody Measures:


Skeletal muscle mass

Body fat mass and overall body fat percentage

Water balance (identifies dehydration and swelling)

Muscle development in arms, trunk and legs

Beyond monitoring your weight loss progress, the body composition analysis is vital to developing and sustaining a thorough understanding of your body’s health throughout your weight loss journey. At Medifast California, healthy weight loss is our top priority, but we also encourage our clients to perceive weight loss as a part of improved health and wellness, so that they are losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

With InBody®, our clients are always privy to an accurate assessment of their unique makeup, along with continual tracking of changes in the body. Through the clear and specific results afforded by this indispensable body composition analysis tool, our clients also acquire the very important understanding that weight loss is a personal journey unique to everyone. This knowledge can often empower our clients to be confident in their body’s progress and improvements, rather than comparing the pace of their weight loss journey to others. With InBody®, understanding and accepting your body can become second nature, giving you much more confidence towards achieving your long term goals.

Weight Loss Assessment

At Medifast California, we also recognize that comprehending and paying attention to the unique composition of the body throughout the weight loss process provides tremendous insight on where and how the weight loss is taking place.This arms each client with valuable information on how to fortify, adapt or improve their regimen to achieve the results of their choosing. At Medifast California, we strive to inform our clients that it is also crucial to recognize that weight loss in some areas is healthier than others, taking time to analyze the composition of your body can reveal potential future health concerns and help clients and their counselors develop more balanced regimens. With InBody®, you can rest assured that your progress is healthy, and that your weight loss is targeting harmful body fat, not lean muscle.