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How to Restart Your Weight Loss Program

Author: Medifast California

July 06, 2015

How to Restart Your Weight Loss Program

Author: Medifast California

July 06, 2015

Ideally, no one wants an unsuccessful result when working through a weight loss program. Sometimes even the most dedicated dieter will have their plan go off the rails. When your healthy lifestyle goes off the tracks, the best thing that you can do is get right back on and attempt to regain the momentum that you temporarily lost. While it may not seem easy, and often people tell themselves “what’s the point?” but by reviewing and reworking your plan, you’ll help to maintain the goals that you have set for yourself and increase the odds of success.

If you happen to lose focus, restarting your program is definitely an option to consider. Many fail at losing weight, but that is often because they let little setbacks keep them from re-kindling their attempts at making changes to their lives. As a result of letting these setbacks win, they end up giving up for extended periods of time. However, successful dieters don’t just give up; they learn from their mistakes and restart the process appropriately. At Medifast California, we pair you with certified weight control counselors to guide you through the process, ideally to prevent having to restart your diet program.

Successfully restarting your program to reduce weight requires adherence to at least one of three approaches to victory. Your ability to implement these three tactics can help you to get back into the habit of losing weight after any type of setback that you may have experienced.

Positive Thinking

If you have experienced setbacks in your weight loss attempts, it might feel easier for you to blame yourself for being unable to achieve your goal. However, negative thinking will only hinder you from restarting your program. In order to regain the momentum that you once had, you will need to change the negative thinking that created the lack of success at the start. Having the ability to call your certified counselor is a great way to keep that positive thinking.

Thinking positively will help change your attitude about not living up to your expectations. When you change the way that you think about situations and events, you can often become more willing to try again. The key to success is having the will inside yourself to fight for what you want. Positive thinking gives you the will to create the pathway toward achieving your goals.

Meal Planning

One of the best ways to restart your diet after experiencing setbacks is to attempt structured meal planning routines. Planning your meals can be all the difference when it comes to losing weight. Making advanced plans of not only what, but when, you are going to eat will really help you to regain momentum after having had unsuccessful attempts at achieving your health goals. Taking the time to plan everything that you will eat for the upcoming week, as well as the necessary shopping activities, will help to ensure that you have everything quickly available to support your weight loss plan.

Often, one of the main reasons why dieters do not plan their meals is that they erroneously think that they just do not have the time for it. Fortunately, many different pre-packaged and ready-made meals are available to help make the process of meal planning extremely easy. If you do not have the time, or the patience, for planning, cooking, and shopping for all of your meals, you can easily purchase pre-packaged and pre-made meals with weight control as the primary goal. For example, one of the greatest qualities of buying prepared, Medifast weight control meals is that the variety can help keep things interesting, which helps anyone to attain goals more easily.


The final step to restarting your plan to lose weight is to re-evaluate your approach. Sometimes, the biggest factor in the failure to achieve a goal – be it losing weight or running a race, is lack of adequate preparation. Take losing weight for example, if you don’t appropriately plan how to deal with your mid-day snack cravings, you will find that you may constantly overeat – and you may feel like you have failed. However, re-evaluation will help you to see what your obstacles are and to make the necessary changes to achieve success.

If you do happen to go off track in your weight loss journey, come in and talk to a Medifast weight control counselor today to see how they can help you succeed!

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