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From running away from mirrors to running half marathons

Author: Medifast California

April 21, 2015

From running away from mirrors to running half marathons

Author: Medifast California

April 21, 2015

“I was as big as a Chargers lineman and didn’t even know it.” His story is one so many of us can relate to: growing up healthy and in shape and then suddenly as you enter your 30s, the weight creeps on and the number on the scale steadily increases. Little Tommy Sablan, a popular cast member on San Diego’s KyXy 96.5 Jeff and Jer Morning Show, wrestled with his weight through most of his adult life. He was 80 pounds overweight and “avoided being seen in public” he said.

It was commonplace for Little Tommy to be the butt of radio and social media jokes. Being a punch line was not easy for the native San Diegian.

“I would laugh along with them, but deep inside I was sad and hurting,” he said, adding that for years, he avoided the obvious (and mirrors). “When you are heavy you just don’t see yourself as you really are. Then it was like one morning I woke up and was like ‘woah’.”

After years of hearing about the success KyXy’s listeners had with the Medifast Weight Control Centers program, Tommy was finally motivated. In early November 2011, he put the days of regularly feasting on fast food behind him and committed to the Medifast Centers program

From day one “the process was super easy and fun,” he said. “The weight flew just off.”

Fast forward three years later, Little Tommy Sablan is a new man, over 90 pounds lighter, an avid runner and embodiment of a Medifast Center success story. Not only did the weight drop off but he is healthy now and no longer avoiding the mirror or the doctor’s office. With more than 15 half marathons under his belt, it is apparent from more than just photos that Tommy is not the same guy.

Little Tommy is a pillar in the San Diego community with his extensive charity work and outreach. For this he inspires many people every day, but his health and weight loss transformation have also encouraged others. KyXy listeners gush over how Tommy got them off the couch, into a Medifast Center and onto a happier and healthier life. Two of his biggest fans are Tommy’s children. “They see dad happy and I am able to be a role model to them,” he said.

For the last two years, Tommy has been able to actively manage his weight and is still a staple at many of the San Diego Medifast Centers. Through all his success, Tommy makes it known that none of his achievements would have been possible if it weren’t for the support he received in the centers and his counselors. “I love the atmosphere in the center…it feels like home,” he said.

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