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How quickly can I lose the weight?

Medifast is a safe, effective and easy weight loss program designed for rapid success. The combination of food formulated to burn fat, not muscle provides optimal weight loss.

How easy is the program to follow?

Our clients enjoy the simplicity and ease of the program. With Medifast there is no counting calories, carbohydrates or points. This is one of the many reasons that Medifast is regarded as one of the most effective weight loss programs available today.

Are the Counselor’s professionally trained

Yes. Our counselors have a range of professional experience including Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, those with education in Psychology, Exercise Science, Community Health and general backgrounds in Health and Wellness. Each counselor participates in a complete comprehensive training program to ensure our clients are provided with the best care, tools and education to support their long-term weight loss goals.

Can I still dine out while enrolled in the program?

Absolutely! The Medifast program will fit into your lifestyle. It is designed to allow you to incorporate dining out as well as preparing meals at home with your family.

Is exercise required in order to be successful on the program?

No. We understand that exercise is an important lifestyle component, it is not necessary or a requirement to achieve your weight loss success.

Is there a gluten-free program?

Yes, Medifast has specialty gluten-free weight loss programs to support those that require a gluten-free diet. Medifast customizes programs to individual needs.

Can anyone be on the Medifast program?

Medifast can work for almost everyone! We have programs specifically designed for anyone from teens to seniors. In addition, lifestyles and health matters affect diets. For those reasons, Medifast has programs designed for those with specialty dietary needs along with lifestyle choices. At the time of your consultation, your counselor will determine the most effective program for best results.

Is the program affordable?

Yes. Our individualized programs are affordable. At the time of your complimentary consultation, your counselor will determine which program will provide the best results for you to achieve your weight loss goals. At that time, we will determine your exact cost.

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