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“Why Fad Diets and Most of Mainstream Weight Loss Plans are Holding You Back from Losing Weight

Author: Medifast California

April 13, 2016

“Why Fad Diets and Most of Mainstream Weight Loss Plans are Holding You Back from Losing Weight

Author: Medifast California

April 13, 2016

Individuals who have experienced the yo-yo effect of weight loss and subsequent weight gain understand first-hand how challenging it can be keep it off. Many factors contribute to weight loss success just as a myriad of factors can actually prevent weight loss. Author and physician, Michael Pickert MD, LLC, was once obese and has successfully maintained significant weight loss. He offers four reasons for what may hold many individuals back from losing weight and sustaining it:


Too many bogus promoters advertise ridiculous weight loss goals for their phony weight loss schemes such as lose 20-40 pounds in 6 weeks; in fact, that will never happen.


These myths are exacerbated by the first week syndrome. Every calorie-deficit diet switches you to a water-wasting, fat-utilizing metabolism to make up for the missing calories you need to sustain yourself. The water the average person loses in the first week weighs 3-7 pounds. The uninformed dieter then prorates his week at that deceptive rate to an endpoint that will never be achieved.


Mainstream weight loss methods all depend on what I have dubbed “Food Fascism,” in one way or another. Whether it is restricting what you can eat via pills, proteins, potions or points, they impose a level of deprivation that is workable short time but totally ineffective long-term.


I advocate for a practical weight-reduction strategy that will teach better habits within the context of what you already enjoy without imposing external limits on what you can eat. My favorite example is that if you told a normal-weight person that they weren’t allowed to eat tree bark anymore, they would be pawing at a tree!

Cindy Santa Ana is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who experienced successful weight loss after changing her lifestyle and eating habits. Today, she helps others reach their weight loss goals and advocates for a holistic approach. She offers the following perspective on barriers to weight loss:

There’s a lot of psychological reasons that can prevent someone from moving beyond the fear they feel of achieving their goals. The truth is, it takes time, determination and lifestyle changes with food, nutrition and stress management. Losing weight is a total body effort with proper nutrition, exercise, making sure your hormones are in balance and maintaining a happy outlook. If you’re stressed out and not sleeping well, you’re not going to lose weight. It’s a total body and holistic approach that helps one to achieve their weight goals.

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