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Eating Healthy While On Vacation

Author: Medifast California

May 04, 2016

Eating Healthy While On Vacation

Author: Medifast California

May 04, 2016

Summer brings pleasant warm weather and the much-anticipated vacation season. Vacation is the ideal time to relax, rejuvenate and explore new getaway destinations or return to favorite locations. However, this special time of the year can pose challenges for individuals who are committed to slimming down and maintaining a healthy diet. As you prepare for your summer vacation, here are some practical tips to keep you on track while you enjoy your vacation.

Keep Portions Consistent

With a greater abundance of opportunities to indulge available during your summer travels, there is also greater potential to overindulge. Research published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) demonstrates that Americans who are dieting and eat breakfast and lunch away from home are more likely to increase their consumption of calories from saturated fat and saturated and solid fat, alcohol, and added sugar when compared to non-dieters. One great way to help ensure that you don’t fall victim to this common pitfall is to keep your portion sizes consistent, just like you would at home. Many restaurants tend to serve larger portions and you may feel compelled to eat everything in front of you. This is why staying consistent with portions is so crucial. Remember to make a doggie bag your best friend—you can even ask if it would be possible to box up half the meal before it even gets to table!

Sightseeing Is Fitness in Disguise

Getting out and exploring the beautiful sights on your vacation can be one of the most memorable and exciting features of your trip. Taking great pictures and/or filming are great ways to preserve the memories. If you are sightseeing on foot, it is also a great way to complement your healthy eating habits by getting in your daily exercise. Always remember to stay hydrated on your treks and keep water handy!

Choose Your Options Wisely

When choosing your dining options, always seek out the healthiest choices available. Sometimes this can be a bit tricky if you find yourself at a fast food establishment. A simple guide can be a helpful reference to identify more healthful meal options. Medifast California offers a very concise Dining Out Guide that is perfect to help keep clients on track no matter where they dine.

Plan Before You Travel

You don’t have to wait until you arrive at your destination to decide what you will eat. Whether it’s a hotel resort, cruise line or a local exoctic abode, you can put the power of the Internet to work by checking out the menu in advance to help plan your meals. This can help relieve stress and, most importantly, protect your weight loss progress from spur-of-the-moment dining decisions. By planning your meals ahead, you are able to determine pre-calculated daily caloric intake figures for your entire trip.

Remember, the goal is never to deprive yourself on your vacation, so knowing how to make healthier choices will make your dining experience that much more enjoyable and guilt-free! By taking simple steps like these, you can be more prepared and more confident as you embark upon your vacation without skipping a beat on your path to weight loss.

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Medifast California
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