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Drop the Booze, Drop the Fat

Author: Josie Auwae

December 05, 2016

Drop the Booze, Drop the Fat

Author: Josie Auwae

December 05, 2016

It is hard to deny that drinking alcohol is very much a part of our culture and is often incorporated in a lot of what we do. While may people enjoy the taste and effects that wine, beer and spirits have, there is a downside to regular consumption – especially while trying to lose or maintain weight. This helpful graphic breaks down some of the ways alcohol consumption can impede fat loss and stop your weight loss journey in its tracks.  Limiting your intake of beer, wine and spirits can lead to a happier and healthier you!

Drop the Booze, Drop the Fat

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About the Author

Josie Auwae

Josie Auwae is a Weight Control Counselor at the Vacaville Medifast Weight Control Center. She is committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle. She’s currently using her creativity to brighten the Vacaville Center, as the resident Canva master and flyer maker extraordinaire. Her educational and professional background in Fitness and Health have given her valuable knowledge and experiences that she shares with clients at the center every day.

About the Author:

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