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Diet After Hysterectomy

Author: Medifast California

December 02, 2016

Diet After Hysterectomy

Author: Medifast California

December 02, 2016


At Medifast California, our diverse team of health experts, including nutritionists, fitness masters, and certified counselors, recognize that undergoing an invasive surgical procedure such as a hysterectomy is likely to have long term effects on physical and psychological health – as well as weight – for most women.

We also know that for many women, maintaining a consistent and balanced regimen for ongoing health and wellness after a hysterectomy may require more effort than it did before surgery. When it comes to losing or maintaining a healthy weight after surgery, sustaining desired results can become increasingly complicated as women age. The recovery processes of intense surgical procedures such as hysterectomies have been shown to correlate with weight gain for some women. This change in weight may result from a variety of things like hormonal factors or the sedentary lifestyle that comes with surgical recovery. Getting back in shape will require a balanced, medically approved plan of action that is personalized enough to balance a client’s individual needs for health improvement and a safe and holistic recovery. Known for its individualized and diet-focused approach to weight loss, more and more people seeking a safe and reliable weight loss option are turning to Medifast California.

The Importance of Nutrition

Following a hysterectomy, a nutrient-dense diet is crucial for the body to fully recover, stabilize, and balance hormones and regulate blood flow and cardiovascular health. A healthy, balanced diet with plenty of lean proteins, grains and legumes is the first step to safe and effective health improvement. Medifast California strives to continually provide the highest quality foods that are specifically designed to balance calorie intake and promote weight loss. In our simple and exciting program, the Jump Start 5 & 1 Plan, our clients simply choose five Medifast Meals every day from our varied selection of over seventy Medifast Meal choices. Choose one meal one every two to three hours, and one Lean & Green™ Meal with lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Medifast also saves you time and frustration by doing the hard work of calorie measurement and carb-balancing for you.

In our effort to provide the highest quality of individualized care that we can to our clientele, our support staff is trained to listen to the specific goals, fears and aspirations of each client and provide them with the hands-on counseling necessary in order to develop a weight loss plan that pertains specifically to their individual needs and health concerns, and guide them to the body of their dreams.

Medically Approved

If you’re looking to lose weight after surgery, finding a method that’s safe and medically approved is a must. As a leader in the field of reliable and healthy weight loss programs, Medifast is the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. Because of our persistent commitment to provide our clients with a safe alternative for losing weight, we subjected our systems and products to rigorous assessment and testing over the years and have continually emerged as a brand that can be trusted for safety and results.

Convenience & Adaptability

After a hysterectomy and other invasive surgical procedures, the down time required for a successful recovery may make you less active that you would like to be. Additionally, a lack of energy can make it especially difficult to commit to a new diet or routine. But at Medifast California, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to improve their health and lifestyle no matter what the circumstances may be. After consulting your primary physician, come visit a specialist at your local Medifast Weight Control Center. We are prepared to help you develop a dietary plan that is tailored to your needs and activity level.

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Medifast California
The team at Medifast California
The team at Medifast California is committed to practicing what they preach. Experts in nutrition, health, counseling and exercise, they have the experience and tools to offer the support you need when you need it!

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