Medifast: Temecula

Medifast: Temecula

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Temecula Corporate Plaza
27450 Ynez Road, #316
Temecula, CA 92591

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Monday: 8am - 6pm

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Thursday: 8am - 3pm ; 4pm - 6pm

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Manager: Hannah

“I believe the reason why so many of our clients put their utmost trust in us to guide them through this healthy lifestyle transformation is our professional, yet personal staff and effective program. Each member of our Temecula team is not just well trained, but also truly passionate about health and wellness! It’s exciting to celebrate the achievements of our clients every day, while providing such a valuable resource in our community.”

A Fully Personalized Plan

As you commit to our weight management system at the Medifast Temecula clinic, you have the unique opportunity to lose weight on a timeline with a plan that is convenient, with a 30-year record of success. The Temecula weight loss clinic provides a relaxed and comfortable setting, where you are treated individually, both in the context of our weight management plan and through the counseling process.

Our weight loss clinic is a place of hope. The proven Medifast meal replacement plan is easy to follow and flexible, adaptable for any lifestyle. At the Temecula weight loss clinic, we provide a complete plan for well-being that includes private counseling, metabolic assessments, and enriched, flexible, tasty low calorie meal replacements.

When you place your weight loss goals into the hands of our expert counselors at the Medifast Temecula center, you can relax knowing you made the best choice. Our drug-free meal replacements are convenient and flexible and are tailored to individual needs.

Our science-based meal replacements, validated by published clinical research, together with frequent use of the body composition analysis (BCA) have raised the bar of quality among the weight management programs nation-wide.

Counselor Support System

The Temecula weight loss clinic welcomes the clients into the system by assigning to them private counselors who will assist regularly throughout the program.

At Medifast Temecula center we believe, and our experience confirms, that long term success with diets and meal replacements is guaranteed when accompanied by our consistent metabolic assessments and regular, sustained counseling, prior, during, and after the weight loss program.

Our counselors are professionals with degrees in nutrition, counseling, or nursing and experienced with the Medifast weight loss meal replacement plans.

Science and Innovation

At our Temecula clinic, we are giving weight loss challenges a new face of success with a comprehensive plan that embraces the latest weight control research, awareness of individual differences, and applied technology of InBody® body composition analysis (BCA). Temecula Medifast clients receive non-invasive metabolic testing; after which they are assigned private counselors who will direct them in the appropriate selection of a meal replacement plan.

The Medifast meal replacements are designed for rapid weight loss and have a recognized 30-year history of meeting client expectations.

The Medifast low calorie meal replacement are formulated with just the right amount of calories, protein and fiber to provide fullness and elicit rapid weight loss, by switching to a fat-burning metabolism.

Is the Program Safe?

At the Temecula weight loss clinic, the safety of our clients is ensured by the quality of meal replacements, the regular weekly meetings with a professional counselor and the metabolic testing that provides insights into the general health of the client even before the start of the program. The physiological changes that occur during the weight loss program are then monitored regularly with our body composition testing procedure.

Special Programs

Our commitment to provide individualized programs our weight loss system can be seen in our plans for various needs of our clients, including health conditions or food group preferences or allergies. Our meal replacements choices are designed for vegetarians, for those with diabetes, or inflammations, or for those with gluten intolerance.

Body Composition Analysis

The key to the client’s success at the Temecula Medifast center is the assessment of each client’s lean body mass, water retention, and fat metabolism with the advanced InBody® technology, and following up on the changes during the plan with regular testing.

The Maintenance Phase

Our experts in weight control at the Temecula weight loss center know that losing the weight is half of the battle, and that keeping that weight off is the second half. Our program will support the client throughout the transition phase to a new low calorie lifestyle with counseling and helpful products such as Thrive™ by Medifast. With expert counseling, our clients transition to a weight control phase more at ease as they acquire knowledge, behavioral tools, and psychological support during this phase.