Medifast: San Marcos / Oceanside

Medifast: San Marcos / Oceanside

(760) 744-4953

Grand Plaza Center
137 S Las Posas Road, #255
San Marcos, CA 92078

Center Hours

Monday: 8am - 6pm

Tuesday: 8am - 1pm ; 2pm- 6pm

Wednesday: 8am - 1pm

Thursday: 8am - 6pm

Friday: 7am - 1pm

Saturday: 7am - 1pm

Sunday: Closed

Manager: Sindi

“I believe the reason why so many of our clients put their utmost trust in us to guide them through this healthy lifestyle transformation is our professional, yet personal staff and effective program. Each member of our San Marcos team is not just well trained, but also truly passionate about health and wellness! It’s exciting to celebrate the achievements of our clients every day, while providing such a valuable resource in our community.”

A Safe, Anxiety-Free Program

When you step into the San Marcos weight loss clinic, you can be at ease with your decision, as our program is designed to serve you successfully in your weight loss resolve. The Medifast San Marcos center provides a clinically proven, effective drug-free plan of meal replacements that alleviates all the safety concerns that plague other weight management systems on the market.

In this program, you will be assisted by a professional counselor on a regular basis, all the way throughout the program and during the transition phase.

The Program

Your experience with our San Marcos weight loss center will be unlike any other weight loss plans that you might have tried out in the past. The unique approach at the Medifast San Marcos clinic combines the scientifically designed meal replacements with private counseling and regular assessments of the client’s specific metabolic makeup with the InBody® technology. The first priority at Medifast San Marcos is to tailor a specific plan for each individual that ensures rapid and safe weight loss.

Our meal replacement plans have gained nation-wide recognition and have been validated by scientific studies published in reputable medical journals acknowledged by the National Institute of Health.

Professional Advisor One-on-One

The moment you commit to lose weight at our San Marcos clinic, you will be assigned one of our experienced professional counselors to assist you privately throughout the entire program, and all the way through the weight maintenance phase.

Our counselors are trained in the scientific concepts of Medifast plans, and have advanced degrees in nutrition, nursing or related fields. During the weekly counseling visits, you will be evaluated on your progress, and introduced to your individual metabolic features (such as the ratios of fat, water, and lean muscle in your body), giving you a series of technical tools in losing weight rapidly and maintaining the accomplishment for a lifetime.

Effective and Convenient

There are three aspects that make the San Marcos weight loss clinic stand out among other weight management programs on the market:

  1. The science-based, uncompromising balanced nutrients in the meal replacements.
  2. The continuous support by certified private counselors, and the customization of the nutrition plans.
  3. Use of the InBody® body composition analyses (BCA) with modern, non-invasive technology at frequent intervals during the program.

Once you entered into our Medifast San Marcos clinic and state your weight loss intent, the rest of your challenges will be on us.
The rapid weight loss that occurs with our drug free Medifast meal replacements is due to their minimal calorie content and the balanced fiber and protein levels. After only a few days on this program, the clients start burning body fat for energy.

Is the Program Safe?

At the San Marcos weight loss clinic, the safety of the client is our priority. Our program is drug-free, and our clients meet once a week with their professional counselors and are encouraged to discuss any health issues that may arise during the program. The safety of the Medifast San Marcos meal replacement plans was proven in clinical studies by reputable weight loss researchers.

Special Programs

Our selection of meal replacements contains numerous items dedicated to the various needs of our clients, such as those with medical issues or special tastes. The San Marco weight loss clinic is also equipped with helping the vegetarians lose weight successfully with appropriate plant-based nutrient-complete meal replacements.

In Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

The basis of success at our weight loss clinic in San Marcos is the personalization of the program. The San Marcos Medifast uses state-of-the-art InBody® technology to assess the client’s body composition as to the lean muscle, fat, and water ratios in relation to total weight, in order to create a plan that is responsive to the client’s metabolic balancing needs. The InBody® testing is non-invasive and consists in a series of electrodes attached to the skin. It gives invaluable data on how the client’s body works and helps track the weight loss progress.