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FAST Weight Loss

Clients can easily lose 20 to over 100 lbs faster than they ever thought possible.

Clients can easily lose 20 to over 100 lbs faster than they ever thought possible.

PROVEN Lasting Results

Proven safe and effective in over a dozen published studies.

Proven safe and effective in over a dozen published studies.


Personal counseling is more effective for maintaining weight loss over the long term.

Personal counseling is more effective for maintaining weight loss over the long term.


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Center Manager : Jeanne

Center Manager : Jeanne

“Here in Mission Valley, we are passionate about what we do and find it very rewarding to help our clients achieve their goals ! There are many benefits to the Medifast Center Program and we’re here to guide you on this journey. It’s time to start living the healthy lifestyle you deserve!”


About The Center

Just a short drive from San Diego’s Old Town, the Mission Valley Medifast Center is located just off Highway 8 near the beautiful Point Loma Peninsula. The Mission Valley center is a modern facility that serves a growing number of clients, and it was named Center of the Year in 2013. The friendly, experienced, Mission Valley staff makes our clients feel comfortable the minute they walk through the door, and we enjoy a special bond with each client. Our staff includes counselors from various backgrounds, yet all of them have earned Nutrition Degrees and provide expertise in nutritional counseling to help clients reach their goals. At the same time, our counselors will take extra time to research additional information to provide individualized programs to ensure the client’s success. Medifast Mission Valley clients look forward to a comfortable, private atmosphere during each of their weekly visits to the center. The staff at the Mission Valley Medifast, center looks forward to getting to know each of their clients individually, and providing them with the best in-center experience possible.

Why Choose Medifast Mission Valley

Weight Loss in San Diego

For many seeking weight loss solutions in San Diego, California, Medifast is swiftly becoming their program of choice. Find out why the Medifast Weight Control Centers in the gorgeous San Diego area are bustling with satisfied, healthy, and excited customers.

One-on-One Support & Expertise

Medifast is an individualized and holistic weight loss program that has been recommended by over 20,000 since 1980. With multiple centers located throughout the San Diego area, all of Medifast’s facilities immediately stand out from the competition for their thriving, active and diverse communities of individuals who are committed to lifestyle improvement as well as fast and sustainable weight loss results. As a leading center for weight loss in San Diego, Medifast provides state-of-the-art facilities and certified personalized counseling for all of its members. Our range of certified professionals and counselors includes dieticians, nutritionists and health experts. With Medifast California, you will never have to walk your weight loss journey alone. Immersed in an environment of superior customer care, at Medifast’s San Diego Center, you will be introduced to a fast and safe method to weight loss that is sustainable, healthy, challenging and fun.

Guidance Through Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

At Medifast California, we know that getting the weight off is only half the battle when it comes to developing a healthier lifestyle and obtaining the body of your dreams. That is why our expert counselors, nutritionists and dietitians specialize in weight management. We provide all of our clients with the skills, support and knowledge necessary in order to implement safe and appropriate behavioral strategies that will allow them to swiftly and effectively incorporate healthier eating and lifestyle habits into their daily lives for today and for the future. In addition to the individualized dietary plan that you will develop with your certified counselor, Medifast California also provides its customers with transitional dietary plans that support the reincorporation of traditional dietary items into the diet—such as fruits and vegetables—in a healthy and delicious and safe manner. In support of the long term maintenance of your healthiest weight, Medifast has also created Thrive by Medifast a diverse and delicious line of convenient and portable food products that contain the nutrient balance, support, calorie count and portion size needed to enable customers to quickly and effectively meet or supplement their dietary needs throughout the day without disrupting their schedule. Thrive by Medifast foods items include various shake and smoothie flavors such as Pina Colada and Cookie and Cream! Our health bars come in exciting and comforting flavors. Try our Salted Caramel Nut or our Dark Chocolate Dream bar.

A Diverse Community with Varied Needs

Here at Medifast, we recognize that people lose weight for different reasons and that each person comes to their weight loss journey with individual challenges, goals and concerns. That is why we consistently emphasize a one-on-one counselor and customer relationship so your individual goals for your health are always the top priority. We also recognize that certain health challenges necessitate specific kinds of guidance, especially as it pertains to diet. At Medifast California we are proud to share that our diet plan has been shown to be safe and effective for some diabetics. Our diets and programs have also been shown to be a wonderful weight loss option for seniors as well young people. Components of the Medifast diet may also make it a good option for those who’ve experienced sudden unwanted weight gains as a result of surgeries or health changes such as hysterectomies.