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FAST Weight Loss

Clients can easily lose 20 to over 100 lbs faster than they ever thought possible.

Clients can easily lose 20 to over 100 lbs faster than they ever thought possible.

PROVEN Lasting Results

Proven safe and effective in over a dozen published studies.

Proven safe and effective in over a dozen published studies.


Personal counseling is more effective for maintaining weight loss over the long term.

Personal counseling is more effective for maintaining weight loss over the long term.


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Center Manager : Terri

Center Manager : Terri

“The team at the Medifast El Cajon Center works together in our commitment to providing a fun and supportive environment for you on your journey to a healthier life.”


About The Center

At the El Cajon weight loss clinic we are turning the weight challenge into a satisfying, positive experience.
Once you become a client of the Medifast El Cajon weight loss center, you will benefit from a structured program under the guidance of one of the center’s certified counselors. The regular private meetings with a personal advisor will assist you with the selection of an appropriate meal replacement plan, the reading of your metabolic testing results, and the monitoring of your weight loss progress.
The El Cajon clinic offers a highly individualized, safe weight loss plan with a 30-year history of innovation and success.

Why Choose Medifast El Cajon


Customized and Personalized

The recipe for high achievement at our weight loss clinic in El Cajon is the reliance on the most recent scientific advances in weight management.

At the outset, we recognize that rapid weight loss is a function of individual metabolic patterns and we approach our clients with an assessment of their body composition details. Using the non-invasive InBody® technology with electrodes placed on the skin surface, we find distinctive metabolic patterns that enable us to devise personalized weight loss plans. This unique practice, combined with our signature scientifically designed meal replacements and one-on-one counseling, is a safe and secure road that all our clients take to achieve their weight loss goals.

One-one-one Professional Support

Losing weight carries a series of physiological and psychological challenges that are met by our clients at the El Cajon weight loss clinic through specialized, private counseling. The weight loss counselors at Medifast El Cajon have the experience to help clients select the plans that fit their metabolic profiles and lifestyles, and to provide insights into the clients’ specific weight loss approaches, based on the InBody® testing results. Medifast El Cajon provides weekly private counseling during the weight loss program and additional counseling throughout the weight maintenance period.

Our program is a high value, total weight loss system recognized nation-wide.

Validated by Science

At the weight loss clinic in El Cajon, we provide a widely recognized weight management system that combines low calorie meal replacements with professional counseling, and regular analyses of the clients’ specific metabolic factors that affect weight and fat distribution in the body.

The convenient, drug-free program consists of five meal replacements plus one Lean & Green™ low fat meal, which are to be consumed every 2-3 hours. The El Cajon Medifast center provides a wide selection of such low fat, low carbohydrate meal replacements with balanced amounts of protein and fiber, designed to burn body fat rapidly while sustaining lean body mass.

The Medifast meal replacements are balanced as to their content of fat, carbohydrate, protein and fiber. The minimal level of calories in them triggers the release and use of fat storages as fuel.

Is the Program Safe?

The safety of the Medifast weight loss clinic program is validated in scientific clinical studies and by the real clients of the Medifast 30-year history. The private counseling provided by the El Cajon Medifast center ensures that the client’s general health is assessed weekly and that the weight loss pace is reasonable. Our center provides monthly body composition analyses (BCA) that ensure that people are assessed for abnormal health patterns related to water balance and electrolytes.

Special Programs

As a measure of our commitment to the health and safety of our clients, at the El Cajon weight loss clinic we offer special diet plans for special needs clients such as vegetarians or clients with medical issues. We have a wide range of meal selection for conditions such as diabetes and inflammatory diseases, gluten intolerance, and allergies.

The Body Composition Analysis

At the El Cajon weight loss clinic we use the Body Composition Analysis (BCA) to individualize each client’s weight management plan and monitor its safety and effectiveness.

The Medifast El Cajon weight control uses the top BCA tool on the market, the InBody®, which is highly accurate and non-invasive, using electrons placed on certain parts of the body to assess the body’s ratios of muscle, water and fat accumulation. This tool is a crucial component of your weight loss plan, which helps to achieve the maximum possible weight loss in a rapid and safe manner.

The Weight Maintenance Phase

A most outstanding high value in the Medifast El Cajon program is the professional support that our clients receive during and after the weight loss phase. During the sensitive phase of the maintenance, the client is introduced to behavior modification techniques, portion control, and selection of foods naturally low in calories. The product Thrive™ by Medifast California is a sustaining item during this transition.