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A Blueprint out of the Fat Trap

Author: Medifast California

January 22, 2015

A Blueprint out of the Fat Trap

Author: Medifast California

January 22, 2015

Another year and the war wages on in the battle of the bulge. With all the apps, point-counting and tire-throwing, why does it still feel like our bodies are fighting us? The words “Happy New Year” are synonymous with “diet,” “detox” and “gym memberships.”

These words, and countless synonyms, are everywhere for the next few weeks, and then suddenly, February hits and New Year’s resolutions are distant memories. It seems none of these crazes sustain and rarely do you hear about anyone experiencing any long-term success.

The New Year sparks the annual cycle of losing and regaining, commonly referred to as the Fat Trap. For most of his adult life, Vince Nicholas, a popular producer on the Armstrong & Getty radio show, wrestled in and out of the Fat Trap.

Every year he set goals to drop the weight and every year, he remained defeated, weighing more than 330 pounds and living a “sad, solitary life,” he says.

Many can relate to a life that revolves around finding your next snack, where going to the mailbox is a harrowing voyage and sleeping, walking and breathing are more like challenges than daily routine. These frustrations and despair bring us to the faithful New Year’s oath, “This year I am going to get healthy.”

At the end of 2012, Vince made his annual vow. But this year he joined the Medifast Weight Control Centers Program. Knowing he wanted to lose weight, but having no idea how, Vince walked into his local center and met with a Medifast counselor. Together, they set up manageable weight loss goals with simple and diverse meal plans, “the blueprint” as Vince calls it.

He took right to his customized plan and by November, Vince was 150 pounds lighter, wearing clothing other than gym shorts and socializing. “It’s really indescribable to try to relay what Medifast has meant to my life. I was obese, depressed and generally isolated myself from everything but work. It was sad and pathetic.” Vince was a now new man.

While losing weight was an accomplishment, for Vince real success lived in keeping it off. The one-on-one support the Medifast centers program provides, coupled with an adaptable and easy-to-follow maintenance plan, made this easy.

Vince’s counselor helped him as he celebrated the start of 2014 advocating to “Stay healthy and play basketball again.” Motivated by the year’s successes, Vince continued to lose fat and gain muscle throughout 2014.

“Watching Vince come to our center over the past two years and transform each week, has brought us a special kind of pride,” said Vince’s former counselor Terri Huckabee. He went from a man afraid of leaving his house to a 5K runner who reconnected with his family and started dating.

By the time the ball dropped on December 31, 2014, Vince safely put the battle of the bulge behind him, climbed out of the Fat Trap and was ready for a new kind of resolution: “New apartment, new lady.”

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Medifast California
The team at Medifast California
The team at Medifast California is committed to practicing what they preach. Experts in nutrition, health, counseling and exercise, they have the experience and tools to offer the support you need when you need it!

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