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Beat Your Food Cravings

Author: Tonya Childers

September 02, 2016

Beat Your Food Cravings

Author: Tonya Childers

September 02, 2016

When it comes to eating healthy, not all days are created equal. The ups and downs of life can sometimes trigger emotional eating and ignite food cravings. However, such cravings are often an indicator that the body is lacking certain nutrients it needs. Instead of reaching for the cookie or pizza, consider what you may actually need. Use the chart below to recognize what you crave and therefore need, so you can make a healthier decision that your body will thank you for!

Beat Your Food Cravings

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Quick TIPP

Chew more to eat less. Doing so can lower your intake by almost 15% without sacrificing satisfaction. By doubling the number of times you chew each bite you give your brain more time to recognize fullness.


About the Author:

Tonya Childers
Lead Counselor at The Chula Vista Medifast Weight Control Center

Tonya Childers is a Lead Counselor for the Medifast Weight Control Center in Chula Vista. She enjoys supporting her clients and helping them reach their health and weight loss goals. She creates weekly newsletters for her center to help clients navigate any roadblocks.

Quick TIPP:

Munch on carrots! Carrots are a valuable source of vitamin A. Not only are these veggies delicious, they can help improve vision and maintain healthy eyes.

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