Basic Types of Animals and Their Characteristics

Did you know what other specie we are living in this world? You are probably asking yourself how many types of animals we are sharing the earth with. No one knows the exact number of animal species, even scientists and researchers. But, according to the researchers and experts, by the time humans will find out their exact count, probably more than half of them are already endangered or start to extinct.

We are always excited to give you bits of new knowledge. In this post, we are going to provide you with the Basic Types of Animals and Their Characteristics. So, read on to know further.



Humans are mammals. But, we are not just the only mammal occupying the world. Our household pets, including dogs and cats, are considered to be mammals. You might be asking yourself the possible ways to follow to differentiate the mammal animals from the non-mammal ones.

Well, it is pretty simple. All mammals are warm-blooded, produce milk to feed their offspring, undergo a natural birth, and have hairy bodies. Not only that, mammal animals have one jaw bone, diaphragm, teeth, four-chambered heart, and have endothermic vertebrates. But, the feature of mammals that made them unique compared to the other types of animals is that they are vertebrate.


Fishes differ from mammals, considering that they are cold-blooded creatures. This means that to keep their body temperature, fishes are dependent on the cold temperature. That’s why they are found in the water.

According to studies, when the temperature of the environment changes, the fish’s temperature is being altered as well. This is a unique characteristic of a fish compared to mammals that can maintain their body temperature with their internal body’s help. Most of us have seen a fish. Fishes are hugely different from mammals since they feature fins and backbone.


How can you determine that an animal is included in the reptile family? It’s easy. Reptiles are known to be cold-blooded, with bodies coated by scales. Unlike mammals, reptile animals cannot maintain their body temperature. Considering that they don’t have sweat glands and feathers, they cannot maintain a cool body temperature during summer months and warmer bodies in the winter season. Thus, they usually go under the sun and look for a shelter when needed.

It is likewise imperative to remember that the outside temperature has something to do with the reptile’s metabolism. This is the reason behind their inactivity during the winter season. In addition to that, a good and suitable environment temperature is needed for them to reproduce based on the soil temp. For example, one can determine if the offspring will be female or male.

Animals that belong in the reptile type include vipers, caimans, chameleons, alligators, tortoise, crocodile, skunk, turtle, snakes, and lizard.


After knowing some of the Basic Types of Animals and Their Characteristics, it is important to keep in mind that all of these animals have a significant role played in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. In connection to that, one can conclude that earth without the existence of animals would be worthless.