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Back to School, Back to Health

Author: The Tipp Jar

August 12, 2016

Back to School, Back to Health

Author: The Tipp Jar

August 12, 2016

Each change in season brings an opportunity to recharge your healthy lifestyle. What better time to recommit to your health than back-to-school time? As students everywhere start a new year with fresh enthusiasm to learn, you can learn new, creative ways to feel and look better this fall. Here are 5 easy TIPPS to get you started.

1. Raw veggie “chips”

For snacks, cut up a pile of fresh, crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, grape tomatoes and snap peas. Fill baggies with handfuls and keep them on hand for a quick, easy and delicious healthy snack whenever you need it throughout the day. They’ll give you that satisfying crunch and refreshing flavor, which is perfect for a snack. The fiber in these foods will fill your stomach and help you feel full without feeling bloated or tired. There’s also a tremendous amount of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables that you can give your body for a relatively small cost in calories.

2. Walk, don’t ride

If you usually drive or take public transportation, start walking instead. It might take longer, but you’ll get much needed exercise, burn calories and be able to enjoy the fall weather. In fact, take time to enjoy the journey – learn about the town you live in when you walk it instead of just riding through. Take a walking tour of your neighborhood and surrounding areas and see how many new details you can notice. If you have to drive somewhere, park far away and walk to the entrance.

3. Take the stairs

Elevators and escalators are everywhere. But where there’s an escalator, there are stairs. An easy way to get more exercise in and feel the burn is to always opt for the stairs. It could be fun to count the number of stairs you climb each day and try to beat the previous day’s number. A little friendly competition with yourself to get you moving more is always a good idea.

4. Eat enough protein

If you find you’re hungry all the time while eating healthy, you’re likely not getting enough protein in your diet. A serving of protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal will help satisfy your hunger in a more sustained way, which leads to less snacking between meals. Lean cuts of beef, chicken and fish are all great sources of protein. If you’re a vegetarian, try a modest amount of nuts, seeds and legumes. Quinoa is also a source of whole protein that is filling and tastes delicious. But if you do need a snack, refer to TIPP 1.

5. Drink responsibly

If you’re a soda, flavored coffee or juice drinker, make sure you’re not drinking too many calories. Ideally, your calories should come from nutritious foods, not sweetened beverages. Trade in your flavored latte for a black coffee. Replace your soda (even if it’s diet—artificial sweeteners are a menace to your health) with a sparkling water. This goes for alcohol, too. Most beers have a large amount of calories, as do many cocktails. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and eat your calories, don’t drink them!


Incorporate these 5 simple TIPPs into your daily routine and you’ll have a great start on your back-to-school health. And when the season changes again, learn about more new ways to get and stay healthy. Maybe the best thing you can do to keep up the good work is to never stop learning!

Quick TIPP

Grab a cup of Joe! Starting your day with a cup of coffee can stimulate the brain and nervous system, lower your risk of diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s, prevent cavities and rev your metabolism.


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The Tipp Jar
The TIPP Jar is here to add value to your day. Hoping to Teach, Inspire, Plan and Problem Solve each and every one of its readers. The TIPP Jar focuses on helping you live your, best healthiest life.

Quick TIPP:

Munch on carrots! Carrots are a valuable source of vitamin A. Not only are these veggies delicious, they can help improve vision and maintain healthy eyes.

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