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How to Avoid Candy This Halloween

Author: Medifast California

October 27, 2017

How to Avoid Candy This Halloween

Author: Medifast California

October 27, 2017

Written by Medifast California Nutritionist Brittany Stucklen

Happy Halloween! It’s the spookiest time of year filled with frightful fun. But what’s scarier than the costumes and decorations? Stepping on the scale after indulging in the sweet treats! October marks the beginning of the dreaded holiday weight gain. Pair this with a sweet tooth and Halloween can be one of the hardest times of year for someone trying to be mindful of their waistline. If you’re like most consumers, you may find yourself gaining 1-2lbs this Fall. This may not seem like a lot, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, most of us fail to lose this weight, contributing to 1-2 lbs gained EVERY holiday season. But no need to scream, Medifast is here to help whether you are trying to lose or maintain your weight this Halloween.


Food for thought. Knowledge is power!

Below is a list of the 8 most popular candies in bite-sized form and what you would have to do to burn off just 1 of these sweet treats.


Reese’s: 110 calories – Bike at a moderate pace for 22 minutes.

M&M: 73 calories – go on 10 minute jog

Snickers: 160 calories – walk at moderate pace for 14 minutes

Hershey’s :65 calories – perform water aerobics for 14 minutes

Kit Kat: 70 calories – race walk for 7 minutes

Twix: 125 calories – spend 15 minutes dancing

Milky Way: 80 calories – mow lawn for at least 6 minutes

Skittles: 61 calories – swim laps for 6 minutes light effort


Out of sight out of mind

If candy is your weakness, you know just the sight of it can induce cravings. Avoid candy by placing it strategically around the house. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it in a bowl on the kitchen counter or somewhere you walk by multiple times a day. Away in the cabinet or in a room you don’t frequent is best.


Make sure you have options.

You may not have control over where candy is placed outside of your home. Be sure to have a snack on hand that will satisfy your sugar cravings. This will make it easier to say no when candy is placed in front of you. With the array of flavors, Medifast bars can be a quick and easy choice!


Choose wisely

If your weakness is chocolate and you know no matter where you put it or however many healthy snacks you have on hand you won’t be able to resist don’t buy it! Purchase your least favorite candies to put out for trick or treaters and do it the night before or day of. Less time with candy is less time you have to indulge.


Switch Witch

Overindulging in candy isn’t just detrimental for those trying to lose weight, it’s also harmful to our little ones! An excess of sugar in the diet is related to obesity, diabetes, dental cavities, and behavioral issues in children. But instead of taking the Halloween tradition away you may consider welcoming the switch witch into your household. Similar to the tooth fairy, the switch witch is a good witch who visits our homes on Halloween. Children leave their bags of candy out for her and in exchange, they will wake up to a special gift.



If you’re looking to donate your candy this year, check out  Halloween Candy Buyback to find drop off locations near you or bring it into your local Medifast California location and we’ll donate it for you!

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