A Message from Dr. Eli Byrd

I’m so excited to be working with Medifast Weight Control Centers to promote, what I believe to be, by far the most effective weight loss program out there. I have watched so many patients and their families struggle to overcome weight issues after trying numerous gimmicky diets programs that don’t deliver meaningful and lasting results. With over 12 years of clinical and research experience, I understand what is required nutritionally and behaviorally to achieve safe, lasting weight loss, even for those who have struggled with weight for decades. The Medifast Centers program employs a unique combination of clinically proven nutrition plans and expert one-one-one support that delivers rapid, safe and lasting weight loss unmatched by any other programs.

Over the years, I have seen so many individuals achieve lasting weight loss success on this program. I knew I wanted to help others who may be struggling to understand just how revolutionary this program is. The efficacy of this program is unlike any other I’ve seen, which is why I have been and continue to be a long-time supporter and endorser of the Medifast Centers.

The Medifast Centers program was developed by physicians, just like me, who understand human metabolism and human behavior. As a result, clients using this program tend to see rapid weight loss results, which in turn keeps them highly motivated to stay on track as they see their weight, and specifically their excess fat, drop significantly each week. The combination of this highly effective protocol and one-on-one support from Medifast’s Certified Weight Control Counselors, is why this program sees such high success rates and why the Medifast brand has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

I truly believe this is a fail-safe method for finally losing the weight you or a loved one has struggled with for years. You simply cannot afford to wait. Make the investment in your health and visit your local Medifast Weight Control Center.


Dr. Eli Byrd