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At Medifast California we have core VALUES that embody who we are.


Our primary mission is to help our clients transform their lives and sense of well being by achieving a healthy weight. We derive a profound sense of personal and professional purpose and satisfaction in doing this. While maintaining our client centric perspective, we are also diligent and intentional in our duties and responsibilities to our Center, our coworkers and our business. We set and strive to achieve both client and business goals with enthusiasm, purpose and dedication.


We are dedicated professionals in our field and make every attempt to stay current in our knowledge and skills in regard to nutrition, counseling and weight management. We strive to demonstrate this professionalism to our clients and coworkers through our passion for helping our clients and loving what we do. We try to bring a fun, optimistic energy to our Centers every day.


We provide both clients and coworkers with compassionate, empathetic support from a position of understanding the obstacles and challenges they face. We never use guilt or shame as motivation, but rather empathy, honesty, accountability, information, skills and encouragement. We listen before we speak and try to understand and empathize before counseling.


In a culture and industry that tends to chase trends, fads and myriad “instant results” schemes, we make every attempt to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in our services, products and business practices. We are intentional about operating with high moral and professional integrity. We are open and honest in our communications, while maintaining professional decorum and discretion.


We recognize and value the power of the team in our Centers and consciously work together to support our clients, improve our knowledge and skills, and meet our business objectives. We know we can accomplish and enjoy more together as a team than we can as individuals. We value diversity and the unique talents and perspectives that each team member offers, and we are intentional about growing our staff in their areas of strength and developing them in their areas of challenge.


We value human relationships and interaction, and strive to make our Centers a warm, welcoming and dynamic environment, in which clients and coworkers alike feel connected and supported. We believe in developing and promoting from within the company whenever possible in order to build stronger, more productive and more rewarding working relationships.

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