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Adrienne’s Success Story

Author: Medifast California

January 14, 2016

Adrienne’s Success Story

Author: Medifast California

January 14, 2016

Whether you are still deciding or have already made the smart choice to have Medifast California help you achieve your weight loss goals, real success stories truly exemplify the effectiveness of our program. Meet Adrienne from Spring Valley California. Today she is a proud, healthy, full-time working woman and single mom raising three wonderful children. What initially began as a last resort, Medifast California completely changed Adrienne’s life.

Before Medifast California, the road to achieving a healthier weight and lifestyle seemed unrealistic and unattainable. A year after giving birth to twins, Adrienne realized that she had not shed any baby weight and knew she needed to take action. Her motivation to lose weight was also driven by a battle with gestational diabetes during pregnancy and a family history of high blood pressure. Like millions of Americans, she first tried to drop the extra pounds on her own and made progress but it was short lived. Adrienne said she “felt ‘stuck’…like my body just wasn’t responding.” A Medifast California radio ad prompted her to call and make an appointment but she admits that she initially “was convinced it was not going to work.” Her concerns developed from years of challenges with her weight:

“I struggled with my weight my entire life and never felt “good enough”. I never had a lot of boyfriends and never joined social activities because I was too self-conscious about my weight.”

However, once committed to the Medifast California program, Adrienne was experiencing fantastic results! With delicious pre-packaged meals, meal planning was a snap, which Adrienne describes as “nice and easy…for a mom on the go.” She met her goal of reaching 125 pounds and, with renewed confidence, decided to surpass it and reached 115 pounds! She could not believe how easy it was to achieve and sustain her results with Medifast California!

“I’m proud to be healthy. I’m proud to set a good example for my kids… I still pick the wrong sizes out in the store. I can’t believe when a size 4 fits me.”

Adrienne largely attributes her motivation and success to her weekly visits to her local Medifast California center. Her Certified Medifast Weight Control Counselor Jessica held Adrienne accountable and kept her on track. Jessica was a constant source of support every week and helped Adrienne overcome any challenges she encountered. In fact, Jessica was using the Medifast California program herself at the time and was happy to compare notes and tips from her personal experience. Adrienne’s new healthy lifestyle and great figure has allowed her to avoid developing diabetes and to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Adrienne went from lifelong struggles with weight loss, frustration and risks of developing serious health conditions. After working with Medifast California, Adrienne feels more confident and beautiful than ever! When it comes to summarizing her experience, Adrienne said, “It works. I cannot stress enough that it works.” Ready to begin your own success story? Contact us today—Medifast California can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!

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