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8 Ways to Beat an Emotional Funk

Author: The Tipp Jar

October 13, 2016

8 Ways to Beat an Emotional Funk

Author: The Tipp Jar

October 13, 2016

Everyone gets into a funk every now and again, where they feel stuck, discouraged or sometimes even depressed. While these feelings are both normal and common, it’s important to have some good coping mechanisms to help pull yourself out of it.

First, though, you need to check in with yourself. Are you eating enough healthy food? Drinking enough water? Getting sleep? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of recognizing that you need to take care of yourself. When something is out of balance—not enough sleep, too much sugar, not enough exercise—it can affect your emotions, too. Be honest in your assessment and make changes as needed. If you don’t feel that your funk is related to a need for physical change, try one (or all) of these tips.

  1. Do something good.
    Taking time to do something good for yourself can be exactly what you need. Eat a big healthy salad, meditate or take a yoga class. Taking care of yourself feels good and is a guilt-free way to manage your emotions.
  1. Clean out your closet.
    Sometimes, taking time to organize a messy closet or drawer can help you work through what’s bothering you. Plus, there’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing a completed project.
  1. Go out with friends.
    Connecting with the people you care about is great for your mood. Go on a hike, plan a beach day or go to the movies. That way, you can talk about what’s bothering you and have a great time taking your mind off of your worries, too.
  1. Get some exercise.
    Focusing on physical exercise distracts you from the thoughts running through your head. Sometimes even just being in nature is enough to clear your head and help you work through your funk.
  1. Volunteer.
    Helping people in need can help put your problems in perspective. Showing kindness to others is both nourishing and revitalizing, and has been proven to help boost your mood.
  1. Be creative.
    There are many ways to use creativity to boost your mood. Write a short story or poem. Start a journal, or draw in a sketchbook; do whatever it is that makes you feel happy and creative.
  1. Give it time.
    Sometimes you need to just sit with your mood and experience the feelings. Watch a movie, listen to music, cry if you have to and really give yourself time to feel whatever you’re feeling. Give yourself a time limit and set a timer if you need to. Then, pull yourself back together.
  1. Seek support. If your attempts at pulling yourself out of an emotional funk don’t seem to help, don’t hesitate to seek the help of family, friends or a professional. They can help you learn additional coping mechanisms or work through challenges in your life.


Emotional funks are a natural part of life. They give us an opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow as human beings. Recognizing this can help you realize that these funks are temporary and will pass.

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Write it down. Studies show that handwritten notes can boost brainpower. When something is handwritten, you are more likely to remember it. This allows us to process, learn, reinforce and retain.

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