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8 Reasons To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Author: Medifast California

June 05, 2017

8 Reasons To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Author: Medifast California

June 05, 2017

Let’s face it: we all have a comfort zone of what we like to do, where we like to go and how we like to live our life. And while that is okay, sometimes we can really benefit from taking a few steps outside of that comfort zone. Here are 8 benefits you get from just taking a risk and getting outside of your comfort zone.


  1. Opportunity to grow: Nothing helps you grow more than taking a chance and doing something new. You learn new skills and lessons that will help you throughout your life and in the new situations you encounter along the way.


  1. Learn about yourself: Having new experiences helps you learn more about yourself. It can teach you about your interests, skills, talents and your strengths and weaknesses. For example, going on a long hike can help you appreciate the outdoors more, while traveling solo through Europe may teach you that you have an aptitude for languages.


  1. Expanding your interests: When you jump in and try something new, you may find a new hobby or talent that you didn’t know that you had. Many people have found themselves completely changing the trajectory of their life because they found a new passion that they weren’t aware of.


  1. Increase your self-confidence: Tackling the opportunity to push past your boundaries and try something new is incredible for your self-confidence and self-esteem. Just imagine how you’ll feel knowing that you were able to accomplish something that had scared you or made you uncomfortable. And what’s more, you’ll always have that feeling to fall back on during difficult times.


  1. Making memories: Getting outside of your comfort zone can help you build some incredible memories. Make sure to take pictures (or enlist the help of a friend if you’re not able to actually be the photographer) and document the experience in a blog or journal. While you’ll undoubtedly remember what happened, it’s still fun to look back on afterwards.


  1. Learn to deal with challenges: Fighting through fears and adversity is such an important skill to have. Life can throw you some curveballs sometimes, and it’s important to have the skills and confidence to handle them. Knowing that you were able to challenge yourself in such a way — and survive — makes it easier to push through other challenging times in your life.


  1. Change your perspective: Facing a fear or getting out of your comfort zone can help you gain some perspective in your life. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and being distracted from the ordinary problems in your life can help you figure out some of the challenges you’re facing. Perhaps traveling to volunteer at an orphanage has helped you realize your desire to change jobs so you can work with children. Or maybe it made you recognize your desire to travel and volunteer to help others.


  1. New relationships: Trying something new helps you to meet all sorts of new people you may not have met otherwise. In addition to making new friends, having an expanded network can be great when it comes time to change jobs or look for professional connections.


No one said that it would be easy; getting out of your comfort zone will be challenging and it may be difficult. However, it is without question, a challenge that will be well worth it in the end.

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