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7 Signs You’re Heading Towards Your Weight Loss Goal

Author: Cara Walsh

November 10, 2014

7 Signs You’re Heading Towards Your Weight Loss Goal

Author: Cara Walsh

November 10, 2014

Jumping on the scale isn’t the only way (or even the best way) to tell when you’re nearing your weight loss goal. Spending too much time worrying about a number on a bathroom scale takes the focus off the real value of weight loss, which is better health. Here’s how to tell when that magic number is getting close.

1. You Aren’t as Fatigued

Less surplus weight on the body combined with a better exercise routine means you’ve got more energy. Your workouts don’t leave you wiped out for the rest of the day, and a little sprint to the store from the very back of the parking lot is no big deal. You’ll discover that the kids don’t wear you out as badly and you can squeeze in some laundry between work and your favorite show without collapsing on the couch to rest.

2. You’ve Got That Healthy Eating Thing Down

When eating out at restaurants, you no longer struggle over the menu, stressing over whether to order the fried or baked catfish. You know to ask for the dressing on the side, and don’t even flinch over the dessert menu. When eating at home it’s just as easy to stick to your diet. You whip up something healthy in no time at all, and your kitchen is always loaded with healthy fruits, vegetables, and meats — absent of all of the pitfalls that caused you to gain weight to begin with.

3. You’ve Had to Change Clothing Sizes

Your pants and dresses got so loose that you eventually gave up and bought new ones. Now your “fat clothes” are shoved in the back of the closet somewhere, or better yet, already at the donation center. You even enjoyed shopping for those new clothes – no longer afraid to face the mirror in that dressing room.

4. You’ve Learned to Use a Creative Reward System

Before, your consolation prize for surviving the week was a heaping helping of ice cream. Now, you reward yourself for meeting goals more often because you’re a phenomenal success story, and those rewards are things like a new pair of earrings or an extra 30 minutes of TV time – instead of candy bars and doughnuts.

5. You Enjoy Your Meals

Meals are no longer just for comfort, they nourish your body. You’ve learned how good food tastes without all those condiments, butter, dressing, breading, and other stuff you used to slather on top of it. You now relish the gentle saltiness of baked fish, the savory goodness of a lean chicken breast, and the sweet taste and texture of steamed vegetables. Your diet is revolutionized, and you wouldn’t change a thing.

6. You Have Better Self-Esteem

Your weight should never define your worth, but now that those extra pounds have melted away, you’ve noticed a new confidence about yourself. The buff dudes at the gym no longer intimidate you, and you walk down the street with a little extra pep in your step. You no longer worry about who’s watching you, satisfied that if someone’s looking it’s for all the right reasons.

7. You Can Accept Compliments With Grace and Pride

The compliments are rolling in, and you now accept them knowing that you’ve earned them. You don’t see them as patronizing, you accept them as a recognition of your success. You even compliment yourself sometimes.

When you see these signs in yourself, it’s a safe bet that your goal weight is just around the corner.

About the Author:

Cara Walsh
Counselor at The Carmel Mountain Ranch Medifast Weight Control Center
Cara Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Weight Control Counselor. Cara received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science from San Diego State University and completed her dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian through the Utah State University. Cara is currently completing her Masters in Dietetic Administration through Utah State University. Cara has always had a passion for healthy eating and cooking. She loves to focus on how food can heal and provide nutrition-while tasting delicious. Cara thrives on helping others reach their full potential nutritionally. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to Pilates and running the boardwalk on the Pacific Ocean with her son and husband.

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