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13 Types of Medifast Foods

Author: Cara Walsh

July 28, 2014

13 Types of Medifast Foods

Author: Cara Walsh

July 28, 2014


Try these 13 types of Medifast foods, they’re as delicious as they look!

One of the key components to the Medifast diet program is the wide variety of meal supplements that are available to help you adhere to the 5&1 Medifast program. The “5” in the 5&1 Medifast diet refers to the specially tailored meal replacement foods that are offered directly through Medifast. Medifast foods are more than just health conscious – they are specifically designed to deliver a blend of low fat nutrition, moderate carbs, high protein and fiber, and best of all – great taste! We know that sticking to a diet program can be seriously challenging, so designing meal replacement foods that people actually want to eat is critically important. Take a look at some of the enticing food categories that are available today, through the Medifast weight loss program:

1. Bars – Perfect for snacking on the go, as a quick and easy breakfast option in the car, or anytime you’re looking for a satisfying alternative to candy bars and high-carb cereal bars.

2. Bites, Pretzels & Puffs – Snacking doesn’t have to come with a side order of guilt. Our bites, pretzels, and puffs are easily poppable goodies that are engineered to keep you on track.

3. Cereal Crunch – There’s something about crunchy foods that satisfies and delights. Our cereal crunch comes in flavors like cinnamon brown sugar or mixed berry.

4. Drinks – Whether your tastes run towards coffee-style drinks, fruit infused juices, or refreshing iced teas, you’ll find a beverage that will soon become your go-to drink.

5. Eggs – Choose from egg white creations like original scrambled or Southwest flavored eggs for a high protein, low fat way to start your day. These egg dishes are so tasty you won’t want to limit yourself to just breakfast!

6. Hearty Choices – Favorites like mashed potatoes, chili, and pasta are expertly crafted to deliver serious taste in a waistline-friendly package. These make perfect meal replacements when you’re in the mood for something satisfying and filling.

7. Oatmeal – Packed with heart healthy fiber and brimming with flavor, oatmeal from Medifast is offered in several delicious flavors that will have you looking forward to waking up each morning!

8. Pancakes – A variety of healthy pancake options – along with our specially-crafted sugar free syrup, will add some serious flavor to your morning. Or, enjoy for a satisfying late afternoon snack!

9. Pudding & Soft Serve – Desserts that are this healthy never tasted so good! Choose from a range of popular flavors, including banana, chocolate, and vanilla.

10. Shakes – Mocha, strawberry, orange, and more – delight in our tasty and nutritious shake options that only feel like a guilty pleasure.

11. Smoothies – These smoothies are so fruity you’ll feel like mixing one up and hopping into a hammock. Relax knowing that these drinks are heart healthy and the perfect meal replacement when you’re looking for something sweet, refreshing, and healthy!

12. Soft Bakes – Our low-carb, low fat, and guilt-free soft bakes come in a variety of flavors for you to sample. These just might become your new go-to food when you’re looking for decadent flavor, without all of the fat and calories of other treats.

13. Soups – Exciting flavors like Maryland Style Crab and Tomato Bisque will have you scraping the bowl clean every time! Our soups are healthy and guilt-free, so dig in!

At Medifast California, we focus on providing dozens of meal replacement options that will have you feeling great and losing weight. Leave it to us to handle five of your six meals per day and we’ll ensure that you are on track to earning the healthy body you’ve always dreamed of.

About the Author:

Cara Walsh
Counselor at The Carmel Mountain Ranch Medifast Weight Control Center
Cara Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Weight Control Counselor. Cara received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science from San Diego State University and completed her dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian through the Utah State University. Cara is currently completing her Masters in Dietetic Administration through Utah State University. Cara has always had a passion for healthy eating and cooking. She loves to focus on how food can heal and provide nutrition-while tasting delicious. Cara thrives on helping others reach their full potential nutritionally. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to Pilates and running the boardwalk on the Pacific Ocean with her son and husband.

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