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10 TIPPS to Make Your Day Better

Author: The Tipp Jar

May 04, 2016

10 TIPPS to Make Your Day Better

Author: The Tipp Jar

May 04, 2016

Not every day gets off to a fantastic start, and a bad mood or temper can put a real damper on your whole day. If you are looking for some quick and simple ways to make your day brighter, check out these ten fun tips below:

Take a Walk

A short walk is a great way to reduce tension and clear your thoughts. Even if you have to stay inside on your break, you can take advantage of any indoor hallways or stairways, or walk over to a co-worker’s desk if you have to talk to them, then take the long way back to your office or cubicle.

Soak Up Some Sun

Getting the right amount of sun has been shown to be connected to the release of serotonin in our bodies. Naturally, elevating the levels of this mood-improving hormone may be just what you need to make your day brighter!

Jot Down Your Thoughts

This Harvard medical study suggests that expressing your thoughts on paper may be a great way to improve your outlook. So grab a pen and paper and write how you feel.

Grab a Coloring Book

That’s right! This activity is thought to be exclusively for children; however, evidence suggests that coloring can be very relaxing and beneficial to adults.

Try Meditation

Research out of Harvard has contributed to a growing body of literature showing the positive benefits of meditation. In order to help you get centered so that you can truly reap the stress-reducing benefits, try an app like Headspace, Calm or Omvana, all of which can help you learn how to prepare and zone into your meditation experience.


For an instant surge in awareness and wakefulness during that midday lag time in your work day, a whiff of the right essential oil might be the perfect solution. Founder of the popular Fit Mom RevolutionJulie Stubblefield, recommends keeping some essentials oils on hand with cotton balls for an impromptu moment of aromatherapy to revitalize your day. A sniff of peppermint oil is ideal for those times when you may be feeling sluggish or lack concentration.

Get a Quick Massage

The stress-relieving power of massages is well known, but it’s not always convenient when you really could use one. Grab a stress ball or tennis ball and roll it under your feet for a quick foot massage that you can do all by yourself.

Harness the Power of the Power Nap

When you need an energy boost you might first think of caffeine or sugar, but those energy spikes can be short-lived and leave you vulnerable to crashing. A healthier alternative is a power nap. Just 15-20 minutes of rest can significantly improve your energy level.

Get Moving

A few simple stretches throughout the day can make a big difference to your mood and health. Whether you just touch your toes, stretch your legs or roll your shoulders, you can help get your blood moving and help relieve tension.

Laugh a Little

There’s more to humor than meets the eye. A great laugh not only feels great but has been scientifically proven to actually be healthy for your body. Now here’s a great incentive to check out your favorite comedy!

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Munch on carrots! Carrots are a valuable source of vitamin A. Not only are these veggies delicious, they can help improve vision and maintain healthy eyes.

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